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The history of “Green Life Energy” company dates back to the far 1996. Initially, it was a modest farm and plot of land. The farm was called “Cascade TSV” and worked on vegetable production to the local region. The main task was to grow organic vegetables without chemical substances, so the consumer could purchase useful products.

Consequently, our professional team examined and practiced cultivation of diverse vegetable crops, using original organic fertilizer. As soon as we achieved the needed quality of the product, the goals of our company changed, and we switched to the quantity. Nevertheless, we had not enough knowledge and life experience, besides the territory was not big enough to increase crop performance. Not only was expansion of the territory needed, but also specific knowledge in the sphere of growing and cultivating of diverse crops. Furthemore, it was essential to expand the seeded area.

Specialists came to our aid, from Institute of Vegetable and Melon Growing of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine and Institute of Plant Industry named after V.Ya.Yuriev of the National Academy of Agricultural Science.

Institute of Vegetable and Melon Growing of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine and Institute of Plant Industry named after V.Ya.Yuriev of the National Academy of Agricultural Science

The company began expanding and its status was changed. In 2006 we created a new company “Agrocomplex Cascade” and built hothouses on the territory of 3 hectares. Here before we started applying original knowledge and developments, improving the number of cultivated products and their quality.

Our company has started the enlargement, increasing its area since 2008, that is why we opened a new department “Ukrainian-Turkish company “Sewkan and B”.

Depuis 2020, nous utilisons des technologies et des équipements israéliens dans les processus de production pour le traitement des engrais organiques. Cela a sans aucun doute affecté la qualité de nos produits et augmenté les volumes de production.

Since 2020, we have been using Israeli technologies and equipment in production processes for the processing of organic fertilizers. This has undoubtedly affected the quality of our products and increased production volumes.

Geographically established pleasant conditions on the territory of Ukraine, where the immense amount of minerals, which make it possible to use organic bio supplements and fertilizer. As a result, through their cleaning and agro-processing, we achieved a new quality product and understood that we can use it in different agricultural spheres.

Apart from that we got the possibility to add our product not just in the soil, but also in the soil depending on its diversity under different climate conditions (from arid, sandy and till wet and argillaceous).

Our product is a fertilizer, which is used both in application of water and in dry soil feeding, on the agro-processing territories in remote districts, in those districts where there is not enough water for watering and irrigation. A dry fertilizer encourages the change of the soil structure for the better, changing its composition, enriching and making it fertile.

Cultivated plants become more resilient to the drought, both crop performance and the quality of the product increase. Meanwhile ripening term is reduced, which gives producers possibility to harvest crops more often with having less seeded area.

We named our product “Green Magic” and its name totally pays off. Its effect is immense by all measures.

Currently we united all our companies branded “Green Life Energy”. Now all our affiliates are located in different countries and give the opportunity to the farming households to use our product on the other continents and to obtain quality products at the lowest cost, by saving the ecosystem and clean soil.

Let’s save our planet for the next generations!

With respect
Green Life Energy team