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A feed additive for animals and birds, made on the basis of unmodified microporous humic acids from leonardite.

Leonardite and products developed on its basis (humic preparations) are used in feeding productive and non-productive animals, birds and fish (as a biologically active feed additive, feed material and an ingredient in feed mixtures and concentrates). It is also used as a bedding conditioner in outdoor housing to eliminate odors, reduce ammonia emissions, and maintain healthy growth and development.

To improve the productive health of poultry and animals, scientists have been studying the effect of humic substances for over 50 years. Experience has shown their effectiveness in egg and broiler poultry farming, dairy and beef cattle breeding, pig breeding, fur farming, fish farming, as well as decorative and domestic livestock breeding.

Leonardite is one of the most effective sources of humic substances used for feeding poultry and animals.

According to Commission Regulation (EU) 68/2013 on the catalog of feed materials, leonardite is included in the list of permitted feed materials (catalog number 13.10.2) under the following definition: “A product that is a natural mineral complex of phenolic hydrocarbons, also known as humate, which comes from the decomposition of organic matter over millions of years”

Our feed additive meets modern selection criteria for an ecological component: it is harmless to the body, has a powerful positive effect in such areas as stimulating productivity, antitoxic effect, enterosorption, antioxidant, adaptogenic, stress-protective activity, binding and excretion of heavy metals, toxins from the body. At the same time, it has an immunomodulatory, antiviral and antitumor effect.


The dose of the feed additive and the period of its use in feeding

to the main diet
per 1 ton of feed
per 100 kg of live weight
Period / feeding
Farm bird Farm bird 1,5 kg 2 g 14-20 days / 7 days
Pigs, piglets Pigs, piglets 3 кг 8 g 30 days / 10 days
Cattle Cattle 4,5 kg 10 g 30 days / 10 days
Cow in calf Cow in calf 4,5 kg 10 g 2 months in a row before calving
Heifers Heifers 4,5 kg 10 g in 3 periods of 30 days / 10 days
Gobies Gobies 4,5 kg 10 g in 4 periods of 30 days / 10 days
Small cattle Small cattle 1,5 kg 2 g 30 days / 10 days
Horses Horses 3 kg 8 g 30 days / 10 days
Furry beas Furry beast 1,5 kg 2 g 30 days / 10 days
Fishes Fishes 1,5 kg 2 g 30 days / 10 days


The feed additive should be stored in the manufacturer’s sealed packaging, separately from food, in a dry place protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature from 0°C to + 25°C.

The shelf life under the storage conditions is 36 months from the date of production. In case of contact with mucous membranes of the nose and eyes, rinse with clean running water.